Why Dietary Protein is Important for Women's Body Health

The benefits of a high-protein diet are touted everywhere, but how and why do these diets work? To understand why everyone from world-class athletes to everyday women are counting grams of protein and filling up on supplement shakes, you need to know what protein is and how it helps women's bodies.

Proteins: The Building Blocks of Your Body

Building Blocks

Every cell in your body contains protein, which it uses to build lean muscle, bones, skin, cartilage, blood, hair and nails. It's vital for the creation of hormones and enzymes within your body. Protein is a macronutrient, which means it's one your body needs in relatively high amounts.

Despite being such a vital component for healthy living, your body does not store protein. With no reserves to draw upon in times of deficiency, your body is reliant on a steady protein intake each and every day.

When most people think of high-protein foods, fat- and calorie-laden red meats are typically the first to come to mind. In fact, many of the dietary sources of protein we instinctively reach for are bundled with calories, carbs, fats or other things our bodies only need in moderation. Balancing all these nutrients without tipping the scales into dangerous territory for your heart can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Lean proteins and high-quality supplements are more than capable of giving your body everything it needs, without the health risks.

Cleaner Ways to Increase Protein Intake

Shifting fatty meats out of regular rotation is a healthy choice for your entire body. Lean proteins, legumes and beans are all rich in protein, too.

Supplementing with a high-quality protein powder is another surefire way to boost your protein intake without damaging other parts of your body. Microfiltered whey isolate powders like Pinup Girl Protein are complete proteins, featuring all nine of the amino acids your body is not capable of creating on its own. The microfiltering process makes this dairy-derived protein safe for even those women who suffer from lactose intolerance, too.

When you're looking for a cleaner, healthier way to boost your daily protein intake, reach for a whey protein isolate low in sugar, carbs and lactose for peak efficiency.

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

We offer a premium quality Whey Isolated Protein powder for women to build muscle and lose fat.

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