Whey Protein and Losing Baby Weight

“Studies show” is not usually a great way to present an argument. When it comes to science, it is important to understand that not all studies are created equal. Industries can fund studies in the hope of gaining favorable results, which is highly unethical, although not illegal, in many cases. There are also plenty of “pay to play” journals that will publish studies with little or no peer review.

At Pin Up Girl, we decided to take another look at the science, just to see if reputable sources agree with what we already know to be true. In the interest of impartiality, only peer-reviewed resources were used in our search. This list includes journals that deal with subjects such as biochemistry and nutritional studies.

Searches for whey protein in each journal consistently returned positive results for health and, especially, weight loss. While most studies were based on subjects suffering from obesity in particular, two key results from whey protein also offer benefits for women attempting to lose baby weight.

Weight Loss

We already knew whey protein aids in weight loss and promotes healthy protein synthesis, a process that is essential in the body. The science is clear: Using single 25-gram servings of whey protein is preferable to spreading out the same amount of intake throughout the day. For new mothers, finding the energy and time to exercise is difficult. A whey protein supplement provides the same benefits as it would to those suffering from general weight problems.

Although there are significant differences between the mechanisms involved in weight retention due to obesity and baby weight, the end goal for both groups is much the same. Whey protein is as beneficial for post-natal women as it is for those who are struggling with other weight-related problems.

Waistline Reduction

An interesting result in many of the studies we researched pointed to the reduction of the waistline when using a whey protein supplement. Due to how the body changes during and after pregnancy, our waistlines are often a difficult area when it comes to getting back into shape. The fact that whey protein has a positive impact for the subjects involved in these studies is good news for new mothers everywhere!

You will still need to exercise and eat right to experience real benefits, but knowing you have a supplement that is actually reinforcing all your efforts is a great motivator. Post-natal women do not simply give up on shedding baby weight, in the majority of cases. It is more likely that the lack of results from working out every day plays a large part in abandoning exercise and a sensible diet.

Do you want to learn more about the effects of whey protein when attempting to get back into shape after having a baby? You can contact Pin Up Girl today through our online portal, or simply place your first order and find out for yourself why more women are using whey protein as a supplement.