You Definitely Don't Get These Things From Whey Protein

What You Aren’t Getting From Whey Protein

It is a good thing learning what you get from whey protein, but, today, Pin Up Girl would like to highlight some of the things you are losing out on in our supplement. We feel it is important to have a healthy balance of information, so you can make the most informed decisions in life.

Now, before we continue, it should be noted that most of what you will read here may shock you. So make sure you are sitting comfortably and have access to some light reading in case you need a break. If you haven’t figured it out already, what we are about to tell you is (probably not) about to blow your mind!

Additional Sugar Intake

Sugar Intake

Our why protein supplement does not contain sugar, which is a shame if what you were hoping for was 25 grams packed full of that irresistible sweetness. The thing is, though, you don’t really need it with your daily serving of whey protein. Cravings are often responsible for our reliance on sugary snacks as fillers between meals.

With whey protein, you will find you are more than capable of making it from meal to meal without having to rely on chocolate to fill the void. You may even realize you do not like sweet foods at all. Not likely, but we can all dream, can’t we?

Needless Energy Boosts

 Morning Wakeup Energy

Nobody likes to suddenly wake up in the morning full of energy. That kind of thing only leads to productivity, which results in friends and family looking down on you because of all your success. Who needs all that stress, right? You are better off just struggling to make it through the day, safe in the knowledge, when you finally collapse into bed after an exhausting day’s work, that everyone still loves you.

On the bright side, you may find you are much more productive when you use a whey protein supplement. If that happens to lead to a high-power job, lots of money and a yacht, did you really ever like your family and friends that much, anyway? Don’t answer that. They may also be searching for awesome ways whey protein will ruin their lives!


If you are already taking or considering trying whey protein, you are likely deficient in gullibility. You will have released very quickly that this is a clever ruse to convince you there are numerous downsides to taking a whey protein supplement when, in actual fact, the benefits are numerous. If this is the case, there is no hope for you and you should just accept that whey protein helps stabilize metabolism, promotes a healthy diet, and is the staple food of unicorns.

Seriously, though, if you want the facts on whey protein, why not speak to the experts? Reach out to Pin Up Girl today to find out more about how whey protein can help you in your everyday life.

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

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