Everything You Need To Know about Whey Protein Supplements

What is Whey Protein: Pinup Girl protein

    Low in lactose and containing all nine of the essential amino acids, whey protein is considered a "complete protein" by nutritionists. Containing a mixture of immunoglobins, alpha lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin and beta-lactoglobulin, it can aid in weight loss and building lean muscle when it's used as a nutritional supplement.

    How is Whey Protein Made?

    Whey is naturally produced during the process of making cheese as the liquid separated from curds during coagulation. This protein-rich liquid is then microfiltered to become whey protein concentrated, which is then spray-dried into powder form before being formulated into a complete whey protein beverage concentrate.

    Because whey is a particularly good source of protein and amino acids, it’s commonly used in supplements and powders. While there are mixtures derived from egg, soy and rice, these lack some essential amino acids and are considered less complete than whey protein.

    Why Should I Use Whey Protein?

    Protein is a building block of bones, muscle tissue, hair and nails. Whey protein, unlike red meat and many other protein-rich foods, packs all the punch with a fraction of the calories and saturated fat. Pinup Girl Protein is a great source of whey protein. As part of a health and fitness plan, it provides a long list of benefits for women’s bodies and can put fitness goals more easily within reach.

    In addition to aiding in the growth of lean muscle, strong hair and less brittle nails, whey protein may even help to lower blood pressure and curb your appetite. Because it’s easily added to shakes and smoothies, it’s also easy to evenly distribute protein over the course of the day. Research shows 20g of protein every three hours is more beneficial to muscle protein synthesis than larger, less frequent amounts.

    Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

    Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

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