What is the Difference Between Whey Isolate Protein and Whey Concentrate Protein?

Soy protein, whey protein, rice protein. Isolate versus concentrate. When it comes to protein supplements, there are so many options that choosing one can be downright overwhelming.

While there are soy and other vegetable options on the market for vegan and vegetarian consumers, most supplements are built around whey protein. This is because it's a protein-rich substance naturally containing all nine of the essential amino acids your body cannot produce. This complete protein is the ideal choice for many women, though there are still two primary types of whey supplement on the market: whey isolate and whey concentrate.

How is Whey Protein Made?

During the cheese-making process, milk is separated into two compounds: curds and whey. Remember Miss Muffet? She was eating her curds and whey because they're rich in protein and other vital nutrients.

When whey is microfiltered and spray-dried, it becomes a powder called "whey concentrate." This substance can be combined with flavorings, binding agents and other ingredients to become a relatively inexpensive whey protein concentrate supplement. It still contains a substantial amount of lactose, and anywhere from 1-7% fat. For women looking to maintain lean muscle without added fat and carbs, or those who are lactose intolerant, this might not be the best choice.

Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, is further filtered and purified before flavorings and binders are added. This brings the lactose content down to a negligible level, which means it's totally safe for women who can't process lactose without stomach discomfort. It's also lower in fat and carbohydrates than whey concentrate, leaving behind a refined powder which contains up to 90% pure protein and amino acids.

Choosing the Right Protein Supplement for You

Unlike the often gritty or chalky texture of whey concentrate, isolate is smooth and leaves behind no aftertaste. With all the components you want and none of the ones you don’t, this is the ideal choice for most women seeking to increase protein intake. Pinup Girl Protein is a whey protein isolate supplement which makes it easy to hit your protein intake goals all day, every day, with no internal discomfort or added fats.

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

We offer a premium quality Whey Isolated Protein powder for women to build muscle and lose fat.

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