What is a Scoop of Protein Powder: Size of Protein Powder Scoop

What is a Scoop of Protein Powder?

What is a Scoop of Protein Powder

All protein products contain a serving size that varies slightly from brand to brand. They all include a small scoop in the packaging that equals one serving size to make it easy to quickly make a protein shake. Though, sometimes the scoop itself can be hilariously hard to find in a newly opened package of protein. For Pin Up Girl Protein, our scoop and serving size is 30 grams. 

What is a Gram?

what is a gram

A gram is a measure of weight, just like the more common "ounce" used here in the U.S.. One thousand grams is equal to a kilogram. Pin Up Girl protein comes in two pound bags which is just under one kilogram. Our two pound bags contain 30 servings, or a one month's supply of protein taken once daily.  

How much is a Scoop of Protein Powder?

So, how much is one scoop of protein powder? As noted above, one protein powder scoop is 30 grams of protein powder. An easier visualization for anyone that has baked, is that one scoop equals six teaspoons. In our product, more than five teaspoons (27.8 grams) of our scoop are pure whey protein isolate. 

Half a Teaspoon Ingredients

The last 2.2 grams of Pin Up Girl Protein is made up of just three other ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors, Xanthan Gum, and Sucralose. 

Flavoring (1.84 grams) - The largest component of the other ingredients that has a huge impact on whether a person makes increasing their daily protein intake a sustainable habit. If it doesn't taste good and you don't enjoy drinking it, the positive habit won't stick. 

Xanthan Gum (0.3 grams) - Despite the strange sounding name, Xanthan Gum is actually a naturally derived product made from the bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris. This is added as a thickening and binding ingredient. For consumers, it results in a more enjoyable taste consistency. You can read more about Xanthan Gum at this Wikipedia article

Sucralose (0.06 grams) - The smallest ingredient (just a teeny tiny fraction of a teaspoon) in our product provides the sweet taste without adding any calories or carbohydrates. It is an artificial sweetener that is hundreds of times sweeter than common sugar- a very little bit goes a long way. You can read more about Sucralose in this Wikipedia article.

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

We offer a premium quality Whey Isolated Protein powder for women to build muscle and lose fat.

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