Protein Supplement Benefits: Do I Need a Protein Supplement

Well, if you think protein supplements are just for avid gym-goers and women who just want to hit their daily target of protein, you are not alone! Yes, protein indeed helps to build muscle, which we bet you’ve heard so many times, but the right protein supplement can do way more than just weight gain, of course, if used appropriately.

While the perks of protein supplements don’t match those from food items such as fish and dairy products, they definitely acquire second place. Needless to say, high-quality protein supplements can indeed satisfy your daily nutritional requirements.

Not yet tempted to buy supplements? Dive into some more benefits of protein powder that might change your mind & life.

Recovery Post Exercise

Protein contains essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of our body. When we add protein supplements to our diet after exercise, it gives our muscles the much-needed amino acids necessary for repair and rebuilds.

Repetitive muscle contractions from running, jumping, and other exercises might break down our muscle cells and cause muscle damage. Protein supplements can reverse muscle damage and help you get ready for your next workout.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Protein makes the right weight-loss fitness supplement as it reduces our appetite and helps us feel fuller. It means you can intake fewer calories and boost your metabolism at the same time.

But, how can protein help us with our hunger cravings? It is because it reduces the hunger hormone, ghrelin, produced by our body. Also, as protein improves dopamine levels in our body, it helps reduce our sugar cravings. What more does a lady want who is embarking on a weight loss journey?

Muscle Growth

Muscle Growth

Muscle mass wanes with age, leading to fat gain and increasing the risk of several chronic diseases. However, this risk can be prevented with a high-protein diet and supplements. As protein supplements help build muscle mass and muscle tissue more efficiently and quickly, they make a great addition to your daily nutrition. Besides, try to complement the protein-rich diet with strength training for better results.

So, whether you want a gorgeous body, improved strength, or prevent age-related muscle loss, you simply need to pick the best protein supplement for you from the different types of protein powder available in the market.

Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin with Protein Supplements

Protein deficiency in our body may lead to skin aging and make our skin saggy. Not just skin, this lack of muscle toning and skin sagging can also occur on arms and legs.

Considering the fact that protein is a building block of skin tissue, it is no wonder that this micronutrient is crucial for healthy, plump skin. It even helps us in reversing the signs of aging. The two amino acids of proteins, namely L-proline and L-lysine, support collagen synthesis, improving skin hydration and skin elasticity.

So, why do we need protein? Well, ladies, don’t we all strive for that radiant-looking skin without going to salons every month? The answer would be a big yes, so don’t forget to put a quality protein supplement on your next grocery shopping list.

Stimulates Hair and Nail Growth

Hair & Nail Growth with Protein

Ladies, we bet you must have taken Keratin treatment once in your lifetime for shiny and stronger hair. But did you know protein is used to make that Keratin? Yes, if you complement your dietary nutrition with enough protein, you can boost your body’s natural production of Keratin. Say hello to healthy hair naturally!

Also, if you experience your nails breaking or tearing often, your body might need more protein than you are currently feeding it. A protein supplement can do just that and encourage nail growth and healthy hair.

The Bottom Line

We hope, with this blog, you must have got the answer to your question - “do I need protein powder?” While the answer to this question is a definite YES, just make sure to consider your health and fitness goals when deciding on a protein powder.

So, if you are determined to up the protein content in your diet, get Pin Up Girl protein powder now to increase the quality of your life and stay fit & healthy! This amazing protein powder can cater to all your protein needs as a meal replacement, a post-workout smoothie, or an evening snack. 

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