Protein Requirements Vs Protein Elderly for Older Women

You can’t deny it - whether you are a budding vegan or an omnivore granny, protein is massively essential for your health. It helps to build muscles, hormones and enzymes for keeping your body's metabolism on the top.

So to all ladies out there, you might not know that proteins can also help you grow old gracefully. The body requires more protein as you get older. Moreover, a technical report from WHO shows that consuming enough protein helps to decline toxins in your system. So let’s dive in to know how much protein you should have every day, particularly if the queen is getting older. 

Why do Protein Needs for Women Change by Age

Older adults are not as responsive to protein as they age, which means they need more of it to function optimally than younger adults. So to overcome the lack of responsiveness, you will need to increase your protein consumption by somewhere around 30 to 35 percent of your total calorie intake.

An elder with sarcopenia and osteoporosis needs to take 1.2 to 1.5 g/kg of protein a day.  These diseases can take a high death toll on older people. While it may seem difficult to drastically increase your protein intake and make significant changes to the sources of your daily calories, it’s vital to prevent muscle loss, fractures, and bad postures.

How much Protein should a Woman have a day?

The Dietary Reference Intake Report states that 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight is sufficient for all. A 150-pound woman requires 55 grams of protein a day but protein requirements increase with age. Older women are vulnerable to depletion of physical function capacity, and such detriment predicts loss of balance, fractures, and even mortality.

For women over the age of 65, they should consume about 1 g to 1.2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day to gain and maintain muscle mass and function. So all you have to do is- plugin your weight to determine your general protein recommendation, then make any necessary adjustments based on your lifestyle and health goals.

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The Best Protein Recommendations for Your Health Goals

Women suffer from bone loss as they age, and protein contributes to adequate bone strength and density. Consuming enough protein also decreases the risk of heart attack and coronary disease in women. To make sure you are getting the right balance of protein, count the grams in every meal.

Someone who consumes animal-derived products can quickly get highly absorbable protein through white meat, poultry, yoghurt, egg whites, fish, cheese, and extra-lean red meat.

What about Vegans? There are plant-based protein sources that lack one or more of the essential amino acids. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat animal-derived products to get suitable amino acids. They just need to ensure their diet includes various plant-based dietary proteins so that the body can get all the essential amino acids. Plant-based foods with high protein content include tofu, lentils, almonds, chickpeas, peanuts, chia seeds, quinoa, beans, potatoes, and dark-coloured, leafy greens and vegetables.

Currently, the modern lifestyle is too busy to pay heed to their protein intake to keep themselves well fueled. This is where protein powders fill the gap. Protein powder shakes do not require much prepping and only takes 2-3 minutes to prepare. Just like that, you are ready with your protein dose for the day. It can be digested quickly and trigger a rapid rise in amino acids that helps to meet the protein needs to improve body composition. 

The Bottom Line

The deficiency of proteins in women’s diet can decline muscle mass naturally with age. On top of that, it can also lead to fat gain and chronic diseases. However, if you will ensure the intake of adequate protein, it will shield you from adverse effects of aging. By consuming a healthy diet and using protein powder supplements, you can successfully meet the protein requirements for your period. So, get your Pin-Up Girl Power Protein for maintaining an active body and mind with age today!

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