Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Women and Young Girls

Body image shaming is incredibly prevalent in society as a whole. However, women and young girls, especially, tend to get the raw end of the deal. You are either too skinny or too fat, but never reach that Goldilocks ideal of weight and body shape. Sound familiar? That’s because you live in a world where you are being constantly judge by the way you look.

In the age of social media, it is hard for females of any age to avoid constant judgement from others. If you post a picture of yourself where you don’t feel you look your best, you are either scorned or chastised for seeking attention. On the flip side, if you post a picture where you are at a stage in your life where you are happy with your body image, it elicits exactly the same response.

A Healthy Balance

A Healthy Balance

Many of the criticisms women receive about their weight and body shape are directly responsible for a number of physical and mental health problems. If you are not receiving the recommended daily levels of micronutrients, it can impact your immune system, energy levels and even your mental health. A healthy balance should never be about what others think of you. As a woman, you should focus on fuelling your body with nutrients and reaching a place where you are happy with yourself.

Wanting to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle is a worthwhile challenge – just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. If your goal is to silence all your critics, you are on dangerous ground that could result in compromising your health and nutritional intake. The more you chase that ideal, the greater the risk of pushing yourself beyond what is good for your body or your emotional well-being.

How Whey Protein Helps

If you are here to order whey protein thinking it is going to change your life all on its own, you are in the wrong place. As a 25-gram supplement, whey protein can help you in your pursuit to lose weight and control your diet. It can even provide you with the added energy you need to maintain a healthy schedule of exercise. What it cannot do, however, is change the way you think about body image.

When taking whey protein, you also need to ensure you are eating healthily and exercising sensibly. There is absolutely no point in achieving the perfectly sculpted body if you are still miserable in every other aspect of your life. Nutrition is important in helping you form a positive body image from an emotional point of view. It is also essential to seek professional help if you recognize that you have developed unhealthy obsessions, due to body image.

How much do you understand about the role of whey protein in providing nutrition? If you want to learn more, contact Pin Up Girl today for the real scoop.

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

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