Feel Confident & Get Past The Gym Jitters

What is the most likely reason a lot of women refuse to join a gym? It’s not laziness, it’s not cost, and it certainly isn’t lack of convenience. For most women who experience gym jitters, it is the fear of that environment and all the stereotypes we here about roving cliques of smug or judgemental members.

That’s right, gyms generally have a bad reputation when it comes to embracing new members – whether justified or not. However, have you ever stopped to consider that your own insecurities are shaping your views of gym life?

Confirmation Bias

Humans experience a large number of cognitive biases every single day, without even realizing it is happening. Many of these states of mind are projected onto people, situations or even inanimate objects. Confirmation bias is one of the most common cognitive tools we use to justify decisions and beliefs, and it may just be the reason you have been avoiding the gym all these years.

If you are suffering from confirmation bias, you will subconsciously look for information that confirms beliefs you already hold. So, if 9 out 10 people tell you gyms are much more positive environments than how you perceive them, you will more readily accept the opinion of the one person who confirms what you already think.

Your Gym Journey

Gym Journey

When you think about improving your health or fitness, how does that process occur? The initial thought is the catalyst, which is followed by a series of positive actions. So, let’s say you start taking whey protein as a supplement, to help improve training at home or balance your diet. That is you taking one step closer toward your personal goal. The only difference between taking a supplement and joining a gym is that you likely don’t have any irrational fears about the former.

Changing how you think about joining a gym is the only way to get over your jitters. Nobody is expecting you to arrive on your first day as the finish product. In fact, all those people you are going to see, who have the body and fitness levels you yearn for, are still going to the gym because maintaining that physique is part of a larger journey. You also have no way of knowing whether they were always into fitness or if they started off exactly where you are now.

One Bad Apple

Let’s say you have tried going to the gym and had a bad experience. That doesn’t mean all gyms are the same. If you tried a food store and didn’t like it, you wouldn’t simply stop buying food. What you would do is find a store that caters to your specific wants and needs. Gyms are no different, at the end of the day, and there are plenty of options available, where you will find a home.

Pin Up Girl promotes the healthy use of whey protein, regardless of where you decide to do your training. Reach out today for a better path toward health and fitness.

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Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

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