5 Nutrition and Exercise Mantras That Don’t Always Make the Grade

In the worlds of nutrition and exercise, you will likely hear a number of mantras repeated by people who either want your money or simply don’t know what they are talking about. While many of these oft-repeated sayings can be helpful, they are often too simplistic and can lead otherwise well-intentioned dieters and health fanatics astray. Here are five examples of mantras that do not always paint a complete picture.

You Are What You Eat

While it is true that what you eat will have an effect on your health and wellbeing, you are not literally what you eat. For instance, saying that eating sugary foods will make you gain huge amounts of weight is not necessarily true for everyone. Nor is it accurate to say you should avoid sugar all together. Each person’s body is different, so your diet should be based on your particular needs – not on a blanket statement about any particular source of nutrition.

If You Can’t Say It, Don’t Eat It

This is perhaps one of the silliest pieces of nutritional advice you will ever hear. It goes without saying that the majority of people can say “arsenic.” The ability to pronounce a word has absolutely no bearing on whether a food or nutritional substance is good or bad for you. If you want to learn about healthy food and diet, speak to someone who is actually academically qualified in fields of work that involve nutrition.

A Moment on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips

This one is tricky. Studies do show that “A Moment on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips” is true for the most part. However, the problem with the saying is that it can discourage well-meaning women from pursuing a healthy diet and exercise. Think about it: If the damage is already done, why bother trying? We are going to file this one under “you’re really not helping, guy.”

No Pain, No Gain

It is generally accepted that you must go through a certain level of pain before you see gains in nutrition and exercise. The problem is, you also need to understand there are limits to what your body can do. All too often, women go to extremes to achieve the perfect body, which can result in injury or, worse still, the development of eating or body image disorders.

Whey Protein Is All You Need

If whey protein was all you needed to remain fit and healthy, you could technically hold your breath indefinitely with no ill effects. Whey protein is an exceptionally beneficial supplement. What it is not, however, is a miracle cure. Those 25-gram servings will help you in your pursuit of losing weight and making healthy muscle gains, but whey protein won’t magically transform your body without a balanced diet and exercise.

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