Your New Year Resolution: Gain Weight

Start off the New Year with the proper mindset and goals.
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Don't DIEt this Year
We hate diets. The word literally has "die" in it. Diets have been completely debunked as a method to achieve long-lasting weight loss. The only true way to achieve a healthy looking and feeling body is to create a series of healthy habits in your life. Weight loss and a strong, toned body are simply by-products of that lifestye.

Gain Weight Instead
A much more effective and mentally stimulating goal for the New Year would be to increase the amount of weight you can lift. If you need a movement to choose for your weight gain goal, then we suggest the Back Squat. When done properly, it is a full body exercise that has a huge impact on your overall strength. If you only had two do two movements in your life, it should be Back Squats and Burpees!


Make a SMART Goal

"SMART" stands for Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic, and Timed. An example of a SMART goal is: "A Back Squat of 160lbs by March 1". It has a specific number to achieve, a due date, and is realistic. WRITE THE GOAL DOWN. Look at it every day.


Don't Be A Dreamer

A goal without a plan is just a dream. The above goal is great, but it won't just happen magically. You need a plan to hit those numbers and a timeline for milestones along the way. If your Back Squat is currently 140lbs and you are targeting 160lbs by March1, then your milestones may look like: January 15: 145lbs, February 1: 150lbs, February 15: 155, March 1: 160lbs. The second part of your plan are your supporting tasks. These are the tasks you perform along the way to ensure you reach your goal. For our Back Squat goal, a supporting task will likely be, perform Back Squat training twice per week on Monday and Thursday. For an untrained person, that may be enough to help you reach that goal. People who have been back squatting for a long time, may need to add other supporting tasks, like box jumps, deadlifts, and range of motion training to help break through to a new Personal Best Back Squat.

KISS Yourself
Keep It Stupid Simple. Don't overly complicate your goals. Small, incremental changes and developing good habits (like supplementing protein every day) are the keys to long lasting physiological change in your body and mentally in your life. Achieving a goal of becoming strong, like a Back Squat PR, is much more rewarding (and addicting) than simply a few numbers less when you get on a scale (we think scales are dumb and in no way an indicator of your fitness).


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Happy New Year!


Be Strong.


Shannon & Jenn

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