This One Change Can Create a Lifelong Positive Habit

This One Change Can Create a Lifelong Positive Habit

Drinking Coffee Black

One simple improvement that can create lasting change. 

Jenn and I struggled attempting the Whole 30 Program a few times, but a great success we had from our attempts was that we started drinking our coffee black, and never looked back since. I used to load my coffee with heavy cream and four sugars! 

Why Drink Coffee Black

Far Less Calories - A cup of coffee with cream and sugar can be as much as 110 calories compared with just 5 calories for coffee black. If you drink two cups a day, every day, that is over 6,000 calories in a single month. That's about TWO POUNDS of body weight in calories a month. 

Tastes Better - Once you get accustomed to drinking your coffee black, you will truly begin to love the taste of what coffee should taste like. It provides a whole new experience in tasting different blends without the taste being masked by cream or sugar. 

Easier and Faster to Make - You don't need to hunt down extra ingredients or get mad when you run out of cream or sugar. Buying coffee on the go is faster without the need to open the lid and make a complete mess adding your extras or waiting for a barista to add your ingredients. Just fill and go. 

What to Expect

Anything that is worth it is never easy. The good news is that this lasting, lifelong positive change takes only a few days to get instilled. 

Day 1: "Ugh. I'm basically drinking a cup of boiling hot water. This stinks." (Chokes it down)
Day 2: "This is dumb. I actually enjoyed coffee the way I made it before. This is not enjoyable at all. Why am I doing this?"  (TWO POUNDS per month in calories, that's why)
Day 3: "At least I can drink the whole thing now." (Don't cheat by adding "just a little" cream or sugar. Stay Strong!
Day 4: "So this is what coffee tastes like? I could get used to this." 
Day 5: "Wow, this is great. I think I like this. Maybe I'll try the dark roast tomorrow..."

Congratulations! You've made a lifelong change for the better.   

The CrossFit Open

For those of us that are CrossFitters, The CrossFit Games Open season is here! 18.1 is a great workout. Jenn had an impressive effort and got into the 10th round today. I'm going to do it on Sunday aiming for 11 rounds. Good luck to all of the Pin Up Girls taking part! 

Be Strong,

Jenn & Shannon 

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