Build Habits for Goal Success

Anchor your Goal's Supporting Tasks to your existing activities to build positive habits. Pin Up Girl Protein is in full production! 

Production in in Full Swing

Pin Up Girl Protein is in full production and we are still on track for a January 2018 ship date! THANK YOU for making this possible. 


Anchor Goal Tasks to Your Existing Habits

As we continue to push ahead into 2018, we need to revisit our New Year Resolutions to make sure we are still on track. If you are not where you want to be in your goal progress, don't fret, it is not for a lack of effort or motivation, it is simply not attaching your goal's supporting tasks to activities you already do each day. 


An simple example is someone that wanted to eat an apple each day. One of the main supporting tasks for that goal is to buy apples at the store. Simple, right? Now, suppose you had to make a trip to the store each time you needed more apples, but didn't buy anything else. How long do you think you could keep your goal effort up running out to the store just to buy apples every time you ran out? Not very long I would imagine. The key to success for this example would be to anchor the supporting task of buying apples to your existing food shopping trip. Putting apples in your cart when you are already out food shopping is much easier than making a separate trip. By tying your supporting tasks to things you do already, they become effortless. Attaching your supporting tasks to activities you do each day already is the best way to build positive habits that support your goals. 


Shannon's Goals from 2017

Just to update you on some of my own personal goals, I set three athletic goals for the end of year 2017 (I set goals each quarter for three month periods). The goals were: An unbroken set of ten chest to bar pull ups, An unbroken set of twenty pistols (one legged squats), and a body-weight snatch (Olympic Lift). While I was only able to achieve the ten chest-to-bar pull-up goal, I can happily say that I gained a twenty pound personal best in my snatch lift, and can now do consecutive pistol squats in a workout. We don't always hit our goals square in the bullseye, but the process of setting them and working towards them help make us better. 


Take a moment and see what small habits you can attach to the things you do each day to help you make progress with your goals. Putting a scoop of Pin Up Girl protein powder into a shaker bottle and throwing it in your gym bag as you head out the door is an easy way to anchor your goal of increasing your daily protein intake :) 


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Pin Up Girl Protein For Women

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