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25g of Protein. 0g Sugar. 0g Carbs. 0g Fat.

Pin up girl protein

Protein created specifically for active Women looking to build muscle and lose fat.

With only 110 calories, our ultra-premium whey isolate protein powder is made to help women reach their fitness goals by providing a serious boost to their protein intake without adding any carbohydrates, fat, or sugar.

Get Stronger with Pin Up Girl.

What Makes Pin Up Girl Great?

  • 25 Grams of Protein Per Serving

    Each serving contains 25 grams of protein to help boost your protein intake. 0 grams of sugar. 0 grams of fat. Only 110 calories.

  • Pure Whey Isolate

    Whey Isolate is the purest whey protein with higher concentrations of protein compared to standard whey concentrate. 

  • Only Four Ingredients

    We don't dilute our protein by adding lower cost or lower quality additives. Our product only uses safe, proven ingredients. 

Three reasons to try Pin Up Girl Protein


    Adding 25 grams of protein per serving means you are increasing your protein intake without adding calories or fat.


    Countless studies have consistently proven the benefits of supplementing protein for increased strength gains while reducing fat.


    It's more cost-effective to supplement with our protein than trying to get as much protein intake from eating additional meals.

We Are Proud to support these charities

A portion of our sales proceeds are donated to charities focused on helping girls and women be more active and healthy.

We are here to help women learn more about the benefits of protein.

Our articles break down the science of protein into simple articles for new or advanced athletes.

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